Monday, August 29, 2011

Glorious Monday

I started to 30 BBM on Friday and got two days done rather quickly. Then, I had to deal with BD issues, so I got back off focus and haven't touched the 30 BBM. I am struggling with some kind of allergy skin condition effecting both me and Justice. I am about to lose my freaking mind over this itchy skin and whelps. I can only speculate that they are hives on me and that it is my nerves that is causing the problem, but then what is it on my kid. Ugh, this is driving me more insane than I already am. Needless to say, today and the next 3 days actually, I am going to focus on getting my assignments turned in before the new class starts on Friday. I need to step up my game and stop procrastinating when it comes to me.   So, with that, I will hopefully get to post the next day in the 30 BBM today, if not then tomorrow, but I will do the day so that I get back on track.  Why put off until tomorrow what I know I can do today.  I see it like working out, if you stop then it takes a bit to get back in the habit of doing it, well I still haven't gotten back to the gym, but this skin stuff is itching me to death. I'll just work on my knowledge. Knowledge is power and I would rather be fat and smart that skinny and dumb. Just saying.

Until later,

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