Thursday, August 25, 2011


Are you ready for the challenges? I mean ready in more ways than one. I just got my copy of the NEW Leader's Guide for the 21 Days of Prayer for Boys! I am soooo excited! I also made sure that I have my copy of the Warrior Prayers Ebook. I am so in excited and ready to start this! 

I am getting my stuff together to begin the 30 day challenge. The current challenge is, of course, on DAY 25 since this challenge started on August 1st. I have been keeping a word document of each day as it is emailed to me so that I can have each day handy. I am undecided if I should wait to start this so that I am doing it all of September, or if I should start and just do it at my own pace. The point here being that this challenge is to be done one day at a time. Who keeps track? Well me in my case, but the Personal Excellence Blog has people commenting each and every day. You are responsible for yourself, but there is something to be said about being accountable to someone. Just sayin. 

Yesterday afternoon, I got the email from the posting to Hello Mornings ~ Which means ... I GOT MY EBOOK! YAY!  

I tell you, for someone who doesn't really like to read (math and science were my favorite subjects in school) I  sure am excited about getting Ebooks and not just because they were free! Perhaps because I am creating habits from these "goals" that I have set forth for myself and all that will join me in this journey. I am in hopes that the staggering of the beginnings of each of these challenges will be helpful. 

Just a reminder:
Halos711 Reiki Webinar Class starts September 2nd ~~ NEXT FRIDAY!
21 Days of Prayers for Boys starts September 6th ~ in less than 2 weeks!
Hello Mornings starts September 15th ~ 3 weeks from now! 

So that leaves me with (AGAIN) when to start the 30 days to a better me.... I think between the 3 listed above, I should be a pretty well rounded and adjusted person, but what the heck... I will just throw the other challenge on top and hope that I get the push and support I need along the way to do all of these to the best of my ability and wholeheartedly.  

Until tomorrow (or something comes to my mind)
Love and Belief,

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