Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 5th!

Ok, so I am a day late and a dollar short. But, guess what .... I am here! Yesterday I was having a Steel Magnolias moment and I needed to get my emotions together. Today I am playing a bit of catch up since the things I wanted to accomplish yesterday didn't happen. My mother's birthday really hit me hard and I am not sure why other than perhaps I was pushing those feelings down and back so that I wouldn't have to deal with them at that moment. Yesterday, well those feelings decided that no matter where I was or what I was doing, it was time to release. So much for keeping it together at work.
With that being said, today is a brand new day and it is time to get it on and poppin! Challenges and quests to be started and met with great enthusiasm and want.
I challenge you to experience along with me as I delve in to my own journey and uplift my son and myself with prayer and ever growing knowledge and faith.

Blessings and love,