Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday - September 9, 2011

God is Love.
This has been my mantra and most certainly that has grown stronger within me this week.  Tuesday was the start of the 21 Days Challenge and I am caught up and on track. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to stretch my leader abilities and give them a go for the first time. I feel honored to have such wonderful women in my group and grateful to Brooke for believing in me.
Friday of last week was the beginning of the Reiki course and while I am behind on posting information there, I feel so connected to this new group of students and reconnected to those in the class that were in my last back in July-August. This renewed sense of purpose has grown inside me and I know I was meant to be here right now doing exactly what I am doing and learning and teaching just as I am. God is Good!
I have stalled on the 30BBM, but rest assured that this too will be a challenge that will not defeat me! I have started and by golly I will finish! With that, this is just a kind note since the posts I make to individual pages are published, but no messages are sent out. I hope this is something that Blogger is working on.
I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful weekend. May your spirit be lifted and your faith restored. May you wrap your arms around your child and embrace the love that you were blessed with and as my Sandye from Halos says, "think about it".
Love and Belief,

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