Monday, July 16, 2012

Blog Hop

I decided to join in with The Mob Society and be apart of this awesome thing called  Boy Mom Blog Hop. 

I didn't join last year, but not because I didn't want to. I was still in a fog of depression and just going through the motions. A year's worth of coming out of the fog and here I am. 

About me:  Amber, 34. Single mom to Justice. Full time employee, full time mom and part time smart mouth. Okay, maybe a little more than part time, but I am working on it! I have worked full time at the same company since 1998. It has been a real growing experience and they are like family.  I also sell Mary Kay. I tried my hand at making earrings for a while, but just like with the Mary Kay, I don't push the products. The jewelry is a labor of love and the makeup is purely therapeutic for me.  I am in hopes that as my journey continues I will be successful in all my ventures. Lord knows that I need to sell some of the products in order to keep up my jewelry making and makeup ordering habit!  This single mom has to work hard for the money! 
It's me! Amber...nice to meet you!

A brief summary: I was born way back in yesteryear when .... no we don't need to go back that far. My life really began the moment I found out I was pregnant in May of 2008. It was also at that time that the father of my child showed his true self and no longer was the man I had known for 10+ years. Suddenly the thought of another child turned him stupid and our friendship and relationship went spiraling down to what is now three years later a series of bitter texts and jabs that are mostly from me to the man that used to be a really good friend and someone I could talk to. Now our conversations are filled with disdain and while I pray that we can have better communication skills for the sake of our son, I fear that I am the only one that wants to be cordial for the kids.  So here I am 3 1/2 years later and only getting child support because the court is making him pay back child support or he goes to jail. He is bitter and I am resentful. I pray that along this journey I will continue to grow and set a better example for my son. 

Justice is 3 1/2 (4 in December) and full of spunk. I have been working on getting him out of my bed. Just when I had him in his own bed, the apartment got cursed with bed bugs and suddenly mama's bed is the safe bed and he "gets scared" otherwise.  Justice has been getting in trouble quite a bit more lately. I am not sure if it has anything to do with him not seeing his brothers and father or not. He asks about his brothers and every Friday he says "i'm going to my daddy's house this weekend" when he tells someone what he is doing for the weekend.  For the last 2 months he hasn't gone. Not because I haven't let him, but because his father hasn't made the effort to come and get him.  I worry that I am just not enough for this little boy. I worry the example that his father is setting and I pray that my son will be a better man in the end. 

My sweet Justice

My blog: Well, it has a bit of this and that. I have tabs for the various things I write about. Different tabs for different moods I suppose. I have one for my weight loss journey, one for my dealings with the baby daddy, one for my articles I write for an online publication, one for the 21 Days of Prayers for Boys challenge and a few others that are hidden from view as they are for my private posting pleasure.  
I started my blog with the intention on having just the challenges and what not on here, but it has evolved into what I call my life at a short glance. I have found blogging the cheapest and most easy form of therapy.  I laugh, cry, spew sarcasm, cry and laugh some more with every time I reread the sections from the start to where I am now. It is amazing to read the transformations within me as I learn and grow. All along I am bettering myself so that I can be the best mom I can be for the only true love in my life which is my son Justice Christopher.  

I want to give a special THANK YOU to Brooke McGlothlin for sharing her passion of the word for our boys. She inspires me to aspire to be more and do more all the time. She gifts us with these awesome prayer calendars and they truly are priceless. We just have to remember to put them to good use!  Brooke, you have been an inspiration and a guiding light to me while I have been on my journey finding my way back to God after suffering the losses of my older sister (38) and my mother (55) in 2010.  You mean more to me than you will ever know and I thank you wholeheartedly for just you being you.  YOU ROCK! 


  1. What a precious little boy!!! I pray that he will live up to his awesome name, and be a man who stands for justice and righteousness. I also pray that your situation with his dad calms down and that your son will have a true man to call his hero. Hopping over from MOB. Blessings and prayers from Croatia: A Little R & R:

  2. Your son is beautiful! I will keep you and your son in my prayers. It sounds like you've been through some tough times. Sending you a hug! I'm hopping over from the boy mom blog hop. You can find me at May God bless you and your son! Love his name btw!