Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 - Time for Change

Most of us have an aversion to change. However, in my renewed state of being, I am finding change to be something that I am actually looking forward to happening. How bizarre is that?!?!? I have found the need to change things in and around me so that things are new and exciting. Even if the things aren't knew, if you don't take a step back and look through "new" eyes, you will never really appreciate what it is that you do have in your life. 
January will be full of new challenges and quests for me and Justice.  I will be an Accountability Captain for the Hello Mornings Challenge. This is going to be a test of my strength, courage, conviction, faithfulness and overall test of my will to be accountable not only for myself, but for others. I feel a calling to be a leader and inspire other women. While I have my own difficulties, I know that I can't be the only one and if I can spare one woman from having to go through what I have in my journey thus far, then my life's mission will have been worth while. 
I have also started a new website with the help and encouragement from Sandye from I was lead to seeking an outlet to help other single parents and when I brought that calling to light and mentioned it to Sandye, she helped me by starting a website where I am able to help others. The website is just taking off, but I have high hopes for all that it can and will be. 
I have come to realize that I will need to make some money, so I will be venturing back in to the Mary Kay scene, but not as full force as I didn't like feeling like I HAD to do certain things in order to progress. 
My first and foremost obligations are to God, my child and myself.  Any and everything else must come after I put priorities on those three. I just have to find a way to make it all work.  Instead of dwelling and stressing, I am giving it to God. I am praying on it and I know that God will show me the way. 

I am claiming 2012 for a year full of love, laughter, growth and change. 2010 was my year of loss, 2011 was my year of awakening and 2012 will be my year to shine! 

I hope everyone has their boots on because we are about to run with it! 

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